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On a back street along the charmingly named Azuki-zaka road
near the Utsunomiya city office
there is a quaint house with over 80 years of history.
Now the home of Gallery Hanna,
this is a quiet place where guests can enjoy monthly exhibitions featuring various ceramics,
urushi lacquerware, dyed textiles, calligraphy, illustrations,
and clothing accessories.









At Gallery Hanna,
we strive to develop relationships between artists and the community.
As proprietor,
my hope is that this can be a place for meeting,
learning, laughing, happiness, and harmony.
I want to make art accessible to everyone.
Please stop by whenever
you feel like relaxing or enjoying some beautiful artwork.
We are looking forward to your visit.
Event schedules and hours vary,
so please check the event page or contact us by telephone.


January, 2012    gallery proprietor