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『 Andrew Gemrich Works Exhibition -A path of memory- 』

  Nov.10th(Sat.)~18th(Sun.),2018 11:00-17:30




"A Path of Memory" is difficult to put into words,
but I think is expressed in my work.
I am a "Hybrid."
Having lived 28 years in Japan,
I am no longer "American" nor am I "Japanese."
I am neither, but then again both.
Some of nature is inherent,
but I think experience creates memories and who we are.
"Where we went...
what we did... with who?...for some reason in my case,
atmosphere and individual pieces of events stand out
and link my memories rather than anything concrete.
Borrowing from the term "Comfort Food",
I like to think I make "Comfort Pots."
I hope to make work that compliments the food
so one can enjoy and savor the atmosphere
and feel calm and comforted.
I find if functional ware is to detailed or intricate,
it becomes all about the ware,
in reverse if the food is too fancy......well....Aaaaaahhhh...
I can't explain it properly. Just relax have a drink!